Holistic Health Coach Tools from Georgianne Holland

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The Crash Course on Carbs includes:

  • The Secret to weight loss, an increased energy level, and balancing your blood sugar
  • What you need to understand about Blood Sugar, Insulin, and Carbohydrates
  • The Glycemic Index and why it’s an important Holistic Health Tool
  • What are Net Carbs
  • What is Glycemic Load
  • Why it’s better to count carbs than calories
  • The truth behind Blood Sugar Imbalance
  • Coach Georgianne’s 5 Step Strategy to being Carb-Smart

The 5 Steps to Help a Loved One Solve Prediabetes and Avoid Type 2 Diabetes Report includes:

  • STEP ONE: Redefine Your Future
  • STEP TWO: Believe in Transformation
  • STEP THREE: Master New Skills
  • STEP FOUR: Resilience is a Muscle
  • STEP FIVE: It’s Your Time to Shine!

The Free Family Wellness Worksheets includes holistic health tools. Click to download them today!